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I have been working as a Windows programmer for over 6 years in C++ COM ATL.
This is an excelent article, nice written and very useful.
IP, Marth 2003

This article rocks...
Your article is a great gift to fellow programmers. Keep up the good work ...
TS, June 2003

Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the very professional article.
It is very instructive and I think one of the best I've read regarding the code injection subject.
Andrei, June 2003

Comments from The Code Project

I just violated my "don't rate 5/5 -- reserved for future use guideline! When I read the title I was intrigued to believe it was yet another cheap Jeffrey Richter ripoff. I was pleasantly surprised. Good style, detailed background info, well designed layout -- what else can one possibly ask for. Thanks for taking the time to write this article and sharing your knowledge.
fl0yd, Germany, July 2003

Got my 5. Both the content and the presentation was superb.
Blake C., United States, July 2003

You set a new standard! I have been reading articles on codeproject but I do not remember reading one that goes to such depth. Your article appeals to me because you took the pain to explain assembly stuff too. I knew some of the stuff like the switch-case asm and remote thread creation techniques because debuggers usually use thread and code injection techniques, but it was still fun reading that again.

I see this article setting a new standard in codeproject. It clearly reflects on the amount of time you spent writing it and making it interesting to read.
Saikat S., United States, August 2003

Simply fantastic. I never voted before now: your article got a big 5!
adospace, Italy, August 2003

Fantastic article!
Robert, you’ve done an excellent job! Keep up the good work.
I. Ivanov, Australia, September 2003

This article is amazing. Will keep eye on your articles!! The chosen One :)
Anand P., India, October 2003

Thanks for this inspiring article!
I don't often come to The Code Project, nor do I post very many messages, but I feel this article you wrote is top-notch!
Keep up the great work!
- Joe
JoeEspo, United States, October 03

Congratulations, I think it´s one of the best articles i´ve seen
Jaime A., Unites States, January 2004

Great Article!
It's very useful and educative
Eduardo D., Chile, September 2005

This article just proves it again: There's always more stuff to learn.
I've been programming Windows for years and I still love to learn new things. This taught me several!
Great article, well written and lots of fab content.
Hal A., December 2005

Excellent clarity
I have read a number of articles in Code Project on this subject. I must admire and thank you for the clear and precise approach made in your essay. The fact that you had someone go to the trouble of correcting bad grammar makes your work easier to understand and read. Using your logically arranged "point lists" to summarise procedures is a bonus too, as well as your comprehensive appendices. I realise that English for many programmers contributing work to Code Project is a second language. This makes your effort even more admirable. You also give just enough code in simple code blocks, that we can play around with the concepts without having to delve laborously into large class hierarchies. Top marks!
Peter F., Australia, February 2006

Very impressive
More and more stuffs to learn. thank you so much.
HesyKhan, Vietnam, March 2006

Robert Kuster